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Necluda Setup

Necluda is the Synx Games core plugin. It provides utilities for all Synx Games plugins.
This also acts as a license checker to ensure that plugins have not been stolen.

Initial Setup

We suggest placing the server on a dev server first. We don't know if there could be any conflictions with our core and your other plugins.
Once placed on you dev server, it will generate default configs and shutdown the server due to a missing license

We will send your License to you inside of your ticket. Do not share this license or it could be revoked if it is shared. It is for you and your server only.

Place the license key inside of /necluda/necluda/coreconfig.json and turn the server back on.

The server will now have started, and your plugins are ready to be used! If you get stuck, just ask for support on your channel and we will be happy to assist.